• 12 Apr 2016

    Hosted by Global Chamber NYC

    A global discussion on making cross border and cross cultural business easier. Global business can be complex and requires strong cross-cultural skills in addition to a solid understanding of the business environment.

    Join our global panel for their thoughts on how to better prepare yourself and your team for cross-border success.

    Panelists:     Andreas Bestler, Founder/Owner/CEO,

                          Kenneth Goodwin, Managing Principal, Jeanensis Capital Market (US)

                          Gary Covert, Principal, Alpha Performance Coaching (US)

                          Mike Hurst, Sr. Executive,

    To participate please register here.

  • 21 Apr 2016

    On April 19th our organisation has been invited to participate in discussion on Foreign Investments in US. In the short run, foreign capital invested in the United States raises U.S. gross domestic product.  Foreign ownership trouble many critics: What payment will foreigners exact for our use of their capital? Will sustained inflows of foreign capital give foreigners control of the U.S. capital stock, reduce job quality, or distort U.S. investment and research? Fortunately, these concerns can be dispelled by reviewing the extent of foreign investment in the U.S. economy vs. U.S. investment abroad, considering the motivations for foreign investment, and computing the negligible potential for foreign control.This was the major topic of the discussion.

  • 06 Apr 2016

    Kenneth Goodwin

    Managing Principal at Jeanensis Capital Markets | Cross Border Markets | FDI, IPO, Executive Board and Risk Advisory

    Jeanensis LLC, “Jeanensis Capital Markets” is an independent capital markets and regulatory risk management advisory firm targeting government service entities (GSE), multi-national corporates, cross border mature small and medium enterprises (SME) and investment capitalists in capital fundraising, lead generation executive sourcing and foreign direct investment (FDI), Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) advisory and execution strategies in several industries (FinTech, Innovation and Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Manufacturing/Robotics, Energy Renewable-Solar, High Rail Transportation/Freight Shipping, Healthcare and Life Sciences and Cultural Services/Arts/Entertainment Platforms/Education).

  • 07 Apr 2016

    Global Chamber NYC, Global Chamber Tokyo, Global Chamber Mexico had a very productive event on the evening of March 31.This event provided insights into the opportunities and challenges of doing business with Japan and Mexico today. We discussed latest technologies, succesful industries and growing markets.

    Please don't miss our next Get-together, date and time to be announced.